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Eunice Henning Hundley Biography
Eunice Henning Hundley

Eunice Hundley found her direction in art as a teen-ager as a student enrolled in summer classes at the Instituto
Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Known today for her luminous pastel portraits of children , Eunice is also
recognized for her work in oil and acrylic, creating corporate portraits and wildlife/landscape/figurative murals for
business’s, hunting ranches and private homes.  Her paintings of Native Americans and  the market vendors and
children of Mexico and Guatemala are sought by collectors through her gallery representatives. Among her notable works are portraits of Pope John Paul ll to commemorate his 1987 visit to San Antonio, businessmen Ross Perot,
William Sessions, Red McCombs,  Texas rancher Richard Bennett, banking executive Robert Sawtelle (deceased) and
Yates Petroleum Co. CEO, Peyton Yates and  mother, Estelle Yates. Her mural accomplishments include commissions
from Six Flags Fiesta Texas Theme Park (“General Zaragoza ”for  the Zaraagoza Theatre entry), Educational
Wildlife panels for Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, Texas, the Triple C Steak House in Devine, Texas (the 1800 John
Redus Stagestop),  The Joker’s Revenge Panorama at Fiesta Texas Six Flags, 1800’s European circus canvas’s for
“El Circo” Restaurant, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and a 20’ x 10 tile mural, “Jesus With the Children of Mexico”
for a  Christian school in Atotonilco, Mexico.

As an illustrator of children’s books, she has produced cover art and interior drawings  for Mc Graw Hill/ MacMillan
Publishers, Ateneum  Books,  Baker Book House, and Grandview Press..  She has self-published her own storybook
for children, “Dear Mount Washington” and illustrated  books for other self-published authors, most recently
“Mountain High Desserts’’ for author, Peg Puche from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Her career in illustration began at
the request of children’s book author, Ken Thomasma during the years that she and her husband were living in
Jackson Hole, to illustrate his first book, a historical novel for children, “Naya-Nuki, Girl Who Ran”, followed by his
second book, “Soun Tetoken, Nez Perce Boy”.  Her research for the Indian novels led to her interest in the life of
Sacagawea, scout and interpretor for Lewis and Clark during their historic expedition across the U.S. West to the
Pacific in 1803-06.  Currently, her portraits of Sacagawea and her baby, ‘Pomp’, taken from events surrounding her
during the journey, are being marketed at Interpretive Centers along the Lewis and Clark Trail in large format Giclee
print and notecards.  Her first image, “Sacagawea and Pomp:  Journey’s Pause Beside the Yellowstone”, is featured
as the cover art for the PBS  documentary, “The Journey of Sacagawea”., filmed by Idanha Film Co., Idaho.


Recent Accomplishments:


“Best Of Show”

‘Gypsy Shawl’

National Pastel Exhibition

June 9, 2010


American Woman Artists Show

Dallas, Texas

Texas Art Gallery - 2005


National Poster Artist:

National Center for Farmworker Health, Inc.

San Antonio, Texas - 2006

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Intrepid Fallen Heroes Rehabilitation Center at BAMC

San Antonio, Texas - 2007


     Eunice continues painting as she travels between Mexico, San Antonio, Texas and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 
Her work can be further viewed at:

Texas Treasures in Boerne, Texas (Owner Johny Rosa)
NanEtte Richardson Fine Art Gallery in San Antonio, TX

Thanks for taking the time to view my gallery!

Eunice Henning Hundley